Sakura (spring kanji series)

I can’t wait for spring… genuine spring. You know, when you can really feel, see and smell it. The sun shining on your winter pale face, you can feel its warmth filling you with joy.

In anticipation for my favorite season, I started a series of weekly kanji inspirations. Of course the first kanji had to be spring (春 haru). The second was the kanji for wood or tree (木 ki). Wood energy is the energy of spring in the Chinese 5 elements theory. So this one nicely fitted in to the spring theme kanji inspiration series. You can watch both kanji on my YouTube channel.

The third kanji, coming hanami season (the watching of ‘cherry blossom’ flowering), is of course sakura 桜. I was stunned by the difficulty I had writing this kanji in kaishō. Somehow I didn’t get it on the paper as I wanted. Especially the proportion of the right side of the character was problematic. The upper and lower part don’t work so well together. But this is shodō, like in life, things don’t always go the way you want them to. So it was okay. It was good practice.


Information for the kanji 桜

Kunyomi = さくら (sakura)

Unyomi = オウ、ヨウ (ou or you)

The kanji has 10 strokes 画. Radical is tree 木. Composed of 3 parts: 女、尚、木

Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 5

JLPT level N1